Robot Exoskeleton helps man walk after 20yrs in a wheelchair

“ReWalk™ is an alternative mobility solution to the wheelchair for individuals with severe walking impairments, enabling them to stand, walk, ascend/descent stairs and more. ” Present version costs 0000 and has an 8 hour battery life. Yes, 8hrs. “As of December 2010, the device is undergoing clinical trial testing at MossRehab in suburban Philadelphia. The trials will continue for approximately a year.” “Prerequisites: * Ability to use hands and shoulders (walking with crutches) * Healthy cardiovascular system and bone density”

25 Responses to “Robot Exoskeleton helps man walk after 20yrs in a wheelchair”

  1. Matjes22 says:

    @persevere67 its a prototype when it gets serial production it gets much cheaper a pc 50 years ago coasts millions and now u get it for 300 bucks

    this is the future rly cool this will get many ppl back to life but maybe will take some years to go public

  2. ValiantVendetta says:

    @persevere67 Luckily some people live in countries with good healthcare systems so stuff like this will eventually be state sponsored where I live and countries like mine.

  3. persevere67 says:

    omg! only 150K, fuck yeah, everybody can afford one!

  4. barrierefrei1 says:

    Hammer! Gruß aus Deutschland

  5. MegaWheelchairMan says:

    too bad ill never be able to afford one 🙁

  6. fugdkn says:


  7. MutsuKazuma says:

    all of a sudden deus ex enhancements/bionics/artificial limbs don’t seem so much like science fiction anymore

  8. 94charli94 says:


  9. mrtitanic2 says:

    @xDarkside101x my god, why are you getting worked up on this, who cares

  10. Camberwell86 says:

    Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers, much? o_O

  11. Camberwell86 says:

    @GrinningTurtle42 How do you know he doesn’t know when to go? Just because you can’t use your legs properly, doesn’t mean your bladder and dick have automatically fucked up too. Completely different bodily system

  12. rezakhalilzada says:

    1:14 that’s a tad uncomfortable, don’t you think lmao

  13. xDarkside101x says:

    @mrtitanic2 No I didn’t misinterperet what you said. Basically I made your comment out to be that “this guy with the exoskeleton isn’t normal”.

  14. mrtitanic2 says:

    @xDarkside101x  nothing is wrong with mis interpreted what i meant, what i was meaning was if anyone could get this or do you have to have a disibility

  15. stickZrock says:

    @bs000 nope. but eventually the battery will run out . 8 hours goes by very fast if you are walking alot. but yes i know obviously you wont walk to much with this new machine so its a good battery life.

  16. GGov86 says:

    @Lokim23 First of all, wheelchair-bound people don’t automatically gain weight like they can’t help it. They can eat right just like any other person. Second, it’s funny because it was a perfectly executed dark joke. Sure, it’s gonna offend some people, but some people just like getting offended no matter what.

  17. MrNosfaratu says:

    @GrinningTurtle42 Oh they do, they do. It is really just a matter of priority for the government. Spend millions of dollars to billions on things that MOST people can do without. If a government truly had the people in mind they would take much better care of us. For all the expensive tax’s we pay, to all the companies that gain our hard earned money and keep it for themselves. Take from the rich give to the poor. You get the picture.

  18. GrinningTurtle42 says:

    @TheRickychengshow Uh, the same way he would in a wheel chair? It’s not like he would know when he had to go, so he probably wears something like a diaper for adults…..

  19. GrinningTurtle42 says:

    @MrNosfaratu Well, how the hell will the governments afford it if they have no money to pay for it???

  20. Lokim23 says:

    @GGov86 How is it hilarious when a person can’t walk.. and they gain weight because of it?

  21. Lokim23 says:

    My brother hasn’t been able to walk ever. This really brings hope that one day.. he’ll be able to walk just like everyone else..

  22. mcmackerel says:

    Science: it works, bitches.

  23. R13L1001 says:

    @thewesterliesband I stand corrected! ;p

  24. Deeskeez57 says:

    Prototype of ROBOCOP ?

  25. Marscow says:


    Now THIS is what robotics is about.

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