The Offspring – The Meaning Of Life

Music video by The Offspring performing The Meaning Of Life. (C) 1997 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “The Offspring – The Meaning Of Life”

  1. SHOrTwiREDdeviantart says:

    Director: I know!!! Let’s have Dexter in a tree upside-down with a monkey and dudes in fucking awesome wheelchairs!!! but don’t forget the poodle!!!

  2. SHOrTwiREDdeviantart says:

    Thumbs up if the first time you saw this video you said the following 5 things:
    2:Why is Dexter in a tree with a momkey?
    3:I Want A Super-powered WheelChair.
    4:The Meaning of Life is riding a Superpowered Whellchair across the desert? and

  3. horsefucker1680 says:

    Write it another 1000 times. “It’s not annoying” ;)!

  4. illy82able says:

    Just google the meaning of life. Google has all the answers and it is deep!!!

  5. Brewersboy28 says:

    I saw this video when I was like….six years old..almost twelve years ago! Didn’t appreciate the music then…don’t know what the fuck was wrong with me! Racing powered-wheelchairs through the desert FTW!

  6. JYZaMaN says:

    i hope the poodle made it out

  7. CaliforniaNugg420 says:

    u suck.

  8. 33brujo says:

    Is the offspring a punk rock band? For me they are punk and I dont care that shit, I do not care the people talkin about if they are punk or not, as long as they continue to make good music they will be my favorite band 😀


    this is the 2nd crazy music video I know

  10. UthertheNIGHTbringer says:

    You realize that was made a joke right?

  11. twitchykun says:

    Thumbs up if the Tekken movie brought you….

    I’m kidding.

  12. twitchykun says:

    Thumbs up if the Tekken movie brought you….

    I’m kidding.

  13. MrDinobo says:

    california cruisin sucks

  14. jslaughter1234567 says:

    I don’t know about yall, but I;m just pissed its only 3 minutes.

  15. JeffParksMusic says:

    Its 2012. Ive moved on from punk to metal but I still LOVE the offspring. Probably my favourite band of all time before they started doing shit like Pretty Fly (for a white guy). Still though, I love the shit outta these guys. This song makes me so nesthalgic.

  16. carlinsaves says:

    The most basic purpose of existence is to reproduce to ensure our speices survival and the continuation of human evolution, so you’re right, the offspring is the meaning to life!

  17. TheDigitalMirror says:

    Yes, but on the Americana cd, this was a hidden content video that you get to watch once you pop it into your pc.

  18. cheezkid says:

    Funny, since it’s on the “Ixnay on the Hombre” CD….

  19. cheezkid says:

    How come when they play this song live Dexter doesn’t sing the “Oh yeah, oh yeah” part when he’s clearing singing it in the album version?

  20. Hotashi says:

    dedicating this piece to tavros

  21. mythkid1208 says:

    and my mom thought I was crazy when I asked her to race wheelchairs through the desert…

  22. 1967weezer says:

    What a great and bizarre video…love the way the guy’s face moves from the wind!

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