The WHEELCHAIR of LIFE in the Mall

Poor Marcy. He is in pain
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25 Responses to “The WHEELCHAIR of LIFE in the Mall”

  1. Shazzy172 says:

    Lol at the end u can hear Chris say “and subs!!” he didnt get to finish XD

  2. culunarykid1 says:

    ok why did he keep putting the camera by his chest

  3. culunarykid1 says:

    @izziflavouredjelly same here

  4. Chihuahualover411 says:

    WOWZA! :p tanka yew fow sharing lolzzzzz

  5. izziflavouredjelly says:

    When i saw the title “the wheel chair of life in the mall” i thought they were gonna ride around in a wheel chair in the mall. or pretend to be disabled. *shakes head in disapointment*

  6. ilovedjblend1000 says:

    2:45 Chris hit Josh in the ass???? hahahah <3<3

  7. bigtimerushloverful says:

    ok, in MA malls the wheelchairs are right in the entrence. Why do u have to go through that to get a wheelchair? Just sayin 🙂

  8. 62laughs says:

    @mtabs310 yes

  9. ashleybeenah says:

    i loveeee zummiez, aha its great

  10. oleary25 says:

    @mtabs310 yess

  11. mtabs310 says:

    wait did he actually get surgury?

  12. soccercutie20101 says:

    dude your 38? whaaat? im sooo confused… can somebody plz explain! aha

  13. dinobites1234567 says:


  14. Ichaseschoolbuses says:

    @bearythebearBFF I would love to take a wheel chair down the stairs. Some people do need to be told :

  15. nannerbananer2 says:

    I love josh’s dimple but I also love how he tells us to be quiet when they can’t hear us lol.

  16. LordIan155 says:

    @TheBeachBumm2011 its prob an n but sideways…

  17. bearythebearBFF says:

    “And uh…don’t take the wheel chair down the stairs…” seriously?!?!? You think he needs to TOLD that!?!?

  18. rainy4251 says:

    awww poor marcy he said on his channel in 1 of his vids that ppl were like staring at him cause he was in a wheel chair i would’t stare i would walk over 2 them and ask wat happened, well thats wat i would do if i didnt’ like no they exsistd but now i porbly wouldv’e ran over there and b like omg!! ur josh *points 2 josh* and ur chris*points 2 chris* and u marcy sharky*points 2 marcy sharky*!! aww is marcy sharky ok?? :D:D:D

  19. hootenaaah says:

    @TheBeachBumm2011 i saw it at jc penny.! they have zoo york tees for guys

  20. TheChihuahuaNATION says:

    @NewJersyChicks626. I did!

  21. NewJerseyChick626 says:

    who heard chris try to say and subscribe at the end?

  22. BestFromTheWest727 says:

    @TheBeachBumm2011 i have that shirt, but its a different color, he got it at pac-sun probably.

  23. kikiluv5267 says:

    nice chin

  24. sk8erdude9159 says:

    Poor marky sharky

  25. MeganAnotolio23 says:

    I like watching their chins……: D

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