Wheelchair Vs. Escalator

Featured on Tosh.o! This is the 2nd worst accident of his life…
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25 Responses to “Wheelchair Vs. Escalator”

  1. StevenShields29 says:

    He should be more careful! He might break his neck and end up…oh, wait–

  2. BooSFla says:

    Walk it off

  3. xxx666xxx3 says:

    You Ok man ? …. ” YES ” ahahhhahahahhaaaaaaaaaa xD

  4. CanadaMMA says:

    Imagine if he got the use of his legs back after that.

  5. fivepoints says:

    No. I AM ***NOT OKAY***!!!!!!!!!!

  6. MAX619ism says:

    @Arnodude53 LOL

  7. CatalinaSafari73 says:

    I should know better at my age not to laugh at someone in a situation like this but….LMFAO!!!

  8. zzbjkm says:

    Lmfao! holy shit that guy tood a hell of a tummble, really suprised he didnt get fucked up bad

  9. TheTotalRugby says:

    ahahaha funny shit

  10. tedcantu1 says:

    This guy isn’t very bright. He could have very easily snapped his neck and got killed. Showing off on the escalator with a wheelchair was a dumb thing to do. The girl who did it before him was dumb for doing it too. This is why they have elevators. They should both be fined.

  11. jacobwilliamson says:

    you guys are all fucking sick.

  12. Arnodude53 says:

    This is probably the second worst accident he had

  13. JustCharlieVideos says:

    We will all do time in hell for laughing at this…

  14. platefilms says:

    if i was in that situation i would have yelled BITCH PLZ

  15. start662 says:


  16. stjerneskruetraekker says:

    He suffered massive internal bleeding and died

  17. RSExposure says:

    On the plus side, the fall didn’t put him in a wheelchair.

  18. xxjacacexx says:

    was he really handycapped.. for some reason i kinda hope so

  19. RaoulnJoy says:

    cripz are dangerous when they bloodz

  20. MrMrZoyak says:


  21. TheRacerlover says:

    didn’t stick the landing…POINTS OFF!!!

  22. DutchElevatorChannel says:

    He falls down and wants to be fucked??? Wtf:P

  23. Karyzmatiko says:

    “FUCK ME.”

  24. tninbredretard says:


  25. Youdontknowyet says:

    haha awe i bet he saw that chick doing it and thought ‘hey if she can do it so can i!” but he failed. big time.

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