Mobility Scooter Buying Tips

You my notice a number of things when it comes to buying a mobility scooter. There are a number of options and styles out there that may seem confusing at first. There are a number of options which you should discuss with your dealer to see what is available for the model you may be looking at.

The first thing to think about  is your personal lifestyle. Do you find yourself shopping often? Then you may want a short wheelbase scooter for ease of maneuvering. Are you spending most of your time someplace like the park? you may want something with a higher speed and less storage space. As you can see, your lifestyle will dictate the size and style of mobility scooter that is best for you.

Lets look at a few different aspects that may affect your decision:

Outdoor use – If you plan on using your mobility scooter outside then you want to make sure it is rugged and stable enough for outdoor use. If you may be traveling on multiple types of surfaces such as the sidewalk, asphalt road, or dirt road then stability will be of the utmost importance. Double check the laws in your area to make sure mobility scooters are allowed on the street and whether or not the have to be equipped in a certain way.

Comfort – There are a number of things to check for when it comes to the comfort of the driver. Mobility scooters may differ in the amount of legroom available. If your tall then this will make a big difference. There are swivel seat options available and a variety of different handlebar adjustments.

Portability – Easier to assemble but at the cost of high speed stability. You’ll want something that breaks down easily if taking your scooter to the mall to go shopping or a trip around the park. Your vehicle will also play a large part in what type of mobility scooter you get.

Medicare Coverage – If you qualify, medicare should cover the cost for you, make sure to talk with your doctor and explain to him the reasons for needing a mobility scooter and make sure this is done before you start to process your request through medicare.

2 Responses to “Mobility Scooter Buying Tips”

  1. Brenda Cultee says:

    Do you know if it’s possible to get an outdoor Motorized Scooter with Medicaid/Medicare?

  2. Charles says:

    Hi Brenda, Most outdoor scooters are pretty big for use in the home and are not considered medically necessary to get around. So typically the answer is no. If you can find a scooter that is small enough to use around the house but rugged enough for outdoor use then you might stand a chance of getting Medicaid/Medicare to cover it. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any models that fit the description…

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