Power Chairs Come In All Shapes and Styles

When it is said that Power Chairs now come in all shapes and styles, nothing can be truer.   These wheel travel machines now come with so much power and versatility that they can go anywhere and do anything.

Take the example of the Shoprider Power Chairs, which has introduced a whole new angle to the idea of powered mobility with their lightweight, portable and user-friendly Jimmie Power Chair. The Shoprider has the latest in wireless take-apart innovative technology, electronics and highest efficiency that comes with in-line motors.  Its most modern advanced features are enhanced by the added adjustability and style that achieves the purpose of power mobility and classy body.  It fits well with a modern active lifestyle and high taste of life.  It is fitted with one-touch easy disassembly and transportability because it is lightweight and breaks into three easy to handle parts.

All these Power Chairs actually exude class, high society and versatility.  Take the example of The Streamer Sport Power Chair which has a combination of great style and functionality.  It is a very dependable full sized chair and has easy to handle features such as puncture proof tires, an on-board charger and a VSI controller that is self-diagnosing.  This Heavy Duty powered mobility machine can support up to 300 pounds.  It maneuvers a radius of only 17 inches which would make it the most maneuverable Power Chairs available anywhere today.  It comes with adjustable seat that can be made to recline, an adjustable footrest and a 3 way adjustable armrests.

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