Power Chairs for Modern Day Mobility

Power Chairs normally have 6 wheels. People usually call them power wheelchairs even though these are two different items in the wheeled chair categories. They have very high in-home maneuverability and can enter anywhere and turn almost 360 degrees.  They are made to suit people who are physically challenged and need help to get around indoors.

The standard power chair is so affordable that this type is the most sought after mobility item.  All its features are good for comfortable indoor and outdoor maneuverability, stability and solid performance. This is because of, among other factors, its in-line front wheel drive make.  The Power Chairs are steered using a “joystick” and some even have a remote control. They come in many types and sizes, mostly medium and heavy duty.

Some of these motorized vehicles pack the latest features including the ones that have the self-diagnosing controller.  These ones use 300lb weight capacity with Rear Wheel Drive complete with 10″ Flat Free Drive tires.  Then there are the Upgraded Power Chairs. These have added features, more than what can be found in the Standard type.  They have great stability and balance as well as very good suspension.  Additional features include upgraded power-adjustable seat backs, which makes it possible to lift the chair up to four inches to provide excellent mobility during daily activities.

There is the super power or Ultra Power Chair which has an elevating seat that has better access to objects that are out of reach. It boasts of dual in-line motors for increased efficiency, range and performance. Low gravity mode gives a great smooth and stable ride. The Heavy Duty power chair of this kind can roll over curbs and go over bumpy and rough ground with ease.

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