How to choose a Lightweight Wheelchair

Lightweight Wheelchairs in the market can be found in 3 categories or types which come as: Folding Rigid Titanium Folding and Titanium Rigid Folding Lightweight Wheelchairs are suitable for transportation in vehicles because it is easily folded and put away behind the car seat.  They have all the features compared to the rigid type but […]

Get Your Freedom Back With Mobility Scooters

You are now able to get your freedom of movement back by using Mobility Scooters. They now come in all types and shapes, made to give you total freedom to travel and move around anywhere you please.  It is now a free wide world of travel for you without any fear or worry of giving […]

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

What separates the heavy duty wheel chair from a standard manual wheelchair? Simply put it is the construction and quality and durability of materials used.  If you lead a lifestyle want to play sports or take a trail that is unpaved then your going to need something stronger and more durable then an everyday use […]

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