Electric Wheelchairs- types and benefits

There is a great variety of Electric Wheelchairs that have been recently introduced with increased power, versatility and convenience to today’s users. They have also been fitted with special gadgets that are unique to each type.  You can now go shopping for these items knowing that there is enough guidance and information to help you […]

Power Chairs for Modern Day Mobility

Power Chairs normally have 6 wheels. People usually call them power wheelchairs even though these are two different items in the wheeled chair categories. They have very high in-home maneuverability and can enter anywhere and turn almost 360 degrees.  They are made to suit people who are physically challenged and need help to get around […]

Mobility Aids: A Relief to Many

The use of Mobility Aids has offered great relief to many people who have been finding it difficult to move around due to their challenging physical conditions.  It is seen as a device that will essentially help you move faster, or without much struggle or exertion. There are many such items in the market today […]

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