Motorized Wheelchair Medical Policies

This is a typical insurance providers policy on qualifying for a motorized wheelchair. The information here is based heavily on the policies of Wellmark Inc. but are common amongst most insurance providers. Description: Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is equipment that can withstand repeated use, is primarily used for a medical purpose, and is generally not […]

A Variety of Wheelchair Lifts for Your Needs

Wheelchair Lifts are available as carriers for all types of wheelchairs.  They vary from internal and external vehicle, residential and commercial platforms to portable platforms.  The selection is wide and it will all depend on your particular needs. Internal Mobility Lifts come as a type of Wheelchair Lifts. They are designed to carry or lift […]

Get Your Freedom Back With Mobility Scooters

You are now able to get your freedom of movement back by using Mobility Scooters. They now come in all types and shapes, made to give you total freedom to travel and move around anywhere you please.  It is now a free wide world of travel for you without any fear or worry of giving […]

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