Beth Moore: The Hair Brush (LIFE Today / James Robison)

Beth tells the story of the old man in the airport with the long, matted hair. To view the whole program, visit

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  1. Jamiesuemattox says:


  2. Jasmin LeBron says:

    Love this! Awesome reminder of how we ought to daily ask him, “Lord, what would You like me to do today?”.


    We call our selves Christians, but do we have love and compassion in our hearts? Remember 1st Corinthians 13 “… if we do these or those sort of BIG THINGS and I do not have love in my heart, it is not worth it, and It is like I have not done anything”. Thank you for this beautiful sample of love and compassion.

  4. ImCool415 says:

    Okay, I see it now. LOL What an amazing story. 🙂 third time I watch it.

  5. ImCool415 says:

    Idk how these people could laugh so much. Just the thought of that man broke my heart. I’ve worked in nursing homes and you have no idea how much the little things mean to these people. A simple smile can turn their day around.
    God bless this Woman. Such a beautiful testimony.

  6. Lisa Lee says:

    Someone needs to fix the sutitles immediately! But yes, Beth Moore is absolutely amazing!

  7. 67stefany says:

    I cried I needed this

  8. aboutKathy says:

    I am laughing abundantly and feel SO joyful! Thank you!!! I am currently in my third week of my very first bible study EVER! It is James, Mercy Triumphs – I have been compelled to start a video diary of my new beginnings to know CHRIST! Thank you (to small words spoke very BIG!) THANK YOU!

  9. TheVickiJo says:

    I first heard Beth tell this as part of a “keynote address” to chaplains (It was fully sermon; the woman can preach! Call it what you want to.) as they were about to go out and meet the needs of the broken people of NYC after the planes had taken down our safety net on September 11, 2001. It was a perfect sermon. She got out of the way and let God speak to them. This story was the highlight, and perfect example of what they needed to do, and how they needed to do it.

  10. quaker21184 says:

    Some of the best teachers I have are women I have one guy teacher

  11. Estherbeth says:

    theres no problem women speaking to women even for southern baptist though is there? 😉 if the men want to listen in, while that is their choice.

  12. Itzmanda says:

    Women aren’t allowed to share the Gospel? It specifically states that in the Bible? hmmm….must have missed that one.

  13. Itzmanda says:

    Why does it matter? I’m sorry but I fail to see where in the Bible it said that men were the only ones who could share the gospel….

  14. thecandyrenee says:

    No disrespect intended, but that is preaching.

  15. Chris Pecherzewski says:

    wow I read this but not I hear it..I hope I would obey God like you did!! Makes me cry becasue God wants to bless a life through us! thank you Beth!! awesome testamony!

  16. sweetteawithcindy says:

    It makes me cry every single time I watch it. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 Cindy

  17. seamaidensmalley says:

    12 people didn’t want their hair brushed.

  18. yoliboo1 says:

    Laugh & cried! Love Beth Moore!

  19. MrsBrittle says:

    Beth is so “delightful” and has amazing teaching methods … using her personal humanity experiences to have God gain the glory! Stories we can remember, like her hairbrush story 😉

  20. Cbgsharon says:

    I love this little spit fire woman of God!!! 🙂

  21. Lily Salazar says:

    love her, she is an amazing teacher;) bless you Beth Moore;)

  22. rayswifeashley says:

    they didn’t preach, they shared that He had risen!
    sorry, I am a southern Baptist!

  23. SamBugsMam says:

    I was brought up believing that woman are not to preach. I have been recently enlightened. Question: Who was the first person to see Jesus after the resurrection?…..Mary. What did he ask her to do?….Tell the diciples (Men) that he had risen….(the Gospel)…..hello…..

  24. TiffaNy ANn says:

    I love God, He is so amaZing!! Who is like Him and who can we compare Him to, No one and nothing! He truly is the Famous One!

  25. ninjacup says:

    this made me cry

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