A Day in the Life of Kevin Petersen

A Day in the life of Kevin Petersen tells the story of Kevin Petersen was still in Middle School when a car accident paralyzed him from the waist down. I produced this documentary in conjunction with the driver awareness program- Building Awareness… Taking Action. It is five minutes long. Winner of a Gold Medal at the Lumiere Film Festival

23 Responses to “A Day in the Life of Kevin Petersen”

  1. TheRealAR says:

    your amazing man!

  2. iPermanently says:

    Kevin Is so strong! He will one day walk again!

  3. Jeff Holden says:

    Hi, I manufacture a product called a Cast Handle. We recently found out that most of our online sales are to paralyzed individuals.. I’m looking for “experts” like yourself to review the usefulness of our product from the perspective of a person confined to a wheelchair. I would like to send you a couple of free samples to evaluate. I even pay for the shipping. I would just like any feedback (Good or Bad) you might have. If you are interested please email me at jeff@casthandle . com

  4. beadlesbieber1995 says:

    kevins a blessing. god gave him a second chance, he is very lucky. he is such a strong person, and he definitely is an inspiration! stay strong kevin!

  5. MELLOGURLY says:

    4 yrs and 2 months ago TODAY I too was in an accident that resulted in a coma, broken neck and paralyzed arm.

    Im still enduring challenges. You and I are INCREDIBLY BLESSED to still be here and cognitive!

    Inspire others! Thats why wre’re here! Thats why we survived.

    We’re here to give people hope.


  6. gardenbill says:

    Sorry to hear of your accident, but you seem to have great head on your shoulders. Life changes in the blink of an eye, I know from my own experience. Wishing you only the best health. Billy

  7. szqsk8 says:

    God Bless and it’s good to see your friends did not abandon you in your time of trouble.

  8. beopenminded1 says:

    accidents happen. This could happen to anyone. If it does be strong about it and dont give up. You could still live a awesome life

  9. pissylissy614 says:

    He is adorable, But a very strong and brave person.. I’ll be honest… I don’t think I could do it..

  10. Tyler Bourns says:

    Kevin was sleeping in the back of the truck. He had no seatbelt on. So when they hit the patch of ice, he was flung from the car. A seatbelt would most likely have prevented the majority of his serious injuries. It certainly tells the importance of always wearing your seatbelt while in a car.

  11. RebelRay says:

    Just wondering. Was Kevin wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident? He didn’t say that he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, although the video text says that he didn’t.

  12. DISKETTES1000 says:

    u r cooool

  13. Annnnalulu says:

    What a cool guy… We should all look up to such strong people. And by the way, I think he´s kinda cute… 🙂

  14. cpspaz82 says:

    good for u kevin

  15. belfasteph says:

    Thank you so much for your video Kevin you are an inspiration and I am so touched by your story

  16. sagher says:

    you are a true inspiration. keep up the good fight- you will walk one day. your amazing attitude will take you to the promise land.

  17. ScoeyBako says:

    For what it’s worth, Kevin, if you have experienced some of the “stand-offishness” of “able-bodied” people since your accident and are looking for a way to interact with people in a way that presents no limitations based on physical mobility (or appearance, deafness, etc.) you should look into Second Life. It’s a virtual 3D world where people are represented by avatars. Many thousands of people worldwide inhabit this online virtual world and they are growing in number each day.

  18. indigotoblue says:

    You are AMAZING! a true hero in a world full of glorified fake ones 🙂

  19. daytonabeach165 says:

    I remember reading something a few weeks ago, seems like this wonderful young man must have heard it years ago, it was something like “no matter how bad a situation is, if you face it with a good attitude, it makes a world of difference” I hope he never loses his wonderful nature 🙂

  20. Elizabeth1763 says:

    It is amazing that he can do all these things himself. Kevin, be proud of yourself.

  21. upperboard says:

    I think Kevin is REALLY cute (& he’s kinda charming) grr! I’d help him in his chair n-eee dayyyy 🙂

  22. Tyler Bourns says:

    Yes he is, no feeling from the waist down

  23. ek4051 says:

    i was in an accident in 2002 wearing no seat belt either thankfully i am lucky and able to walk i cant imagine how if something happened to me. now i wear a seat belt when i am in a car, i learned my lesson

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