Rhythm of Life: The Doug Burris Story

Miami: Rambunctious high school kids, a risk taking music program, and a wheelchair bound teacher. This is a documentary film about a Miami high school music teacher who has, for over 30 years, changed the lives of his students and re-invented high school band music. Doug Burris is a quadriplegic.

12 Responses to “Rhythm of Life: The Doug Burris Story”

  1. mfreund777 says:

    He was my teacher at Bech High in 1988 and 1989….Truly and amazing guy and talent. I continue to see articles and videos put out about him…Always good to see. It was amazing back then in guitar class he could tell if one person was out of tune in a room of 35 and knew who it was…what string it would be….Truly and amazing person

    Matt Freund

  2. pcatania1 says:

    Mr. Burris is and has always been an amazing person! I learned so much from you Doug and I am still playing today! Class of 1988.

  3. QuestingElf says:

    The title of this video caused me to remember a very uplifting song named “Rhythms of Hope” by violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. I think the 2 are related, almost mystically. Doug Burris continues to provide many rhythms of hope throughout life, as evidenced by past, present and future students. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sophie723Philipp says:

    doug burris is my teacher currently.. he’s a true inspiration

  5. anthonym40 says:

    He is a true musician. I wish i could still be in his class.

  6. InfiniteTonePictures says:

    I’m in the eighth grade, and I’m going to Beach High… This just made me 10 times more excited about High School.

  7. leseth143 says:

    A true inspiration for the past 25 years we’ve known him and always dear to our hearts.
    Susan and Craig RockEnsemble ’82

  8. Jonathan A. Golden says:

    He is an amazing and talented man whose story should be shared for all of the world to see….
    He is the definition of inspiring…and them some!!

  9. 13632006 says:

    MR. Burris cahnged my life too…. I love you Mr B!!!!!!!!,
    Thank you for making this film.
    Rodolfo Troncoso
    class of 99′

  10. chipibebegirl says:

    woooow what a great inspiration.

  11. beggo321 says:

    wow what an inspiration i would love to have someone as courages as doug in my life

  12. lisacoleman says:

    very cool!
    we could all learn from this man. those kids respond to him and all he has are his words.
    must be a lot of heart in what he says!

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