Examined Life – Judith Butler & Sunaura Taylor 720p.avi

Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor went for a walk and engaged in a terrific conversation about disability as not merely some physical status but largely a social status, and that is also true for so called “able-bodied” persons.

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  1. CitizenGeek says:

    This is absolutely wonderful!

  2. Francis Reyes says:

    Where can I find the essay “What can a body do”?

  3. Paul Brown says:

    shit, now i want to take a walk with judith butler.

  4. paul gay says:

    3:36 that’s not how walking works, goddamnit!

  5. Tom Zitter says:

    Shes very inspirational, I hope I can stay that connected to my Higher Power the rest of my life. Thanks for this video

  6. ParisianColour says:


  7. MrBauble2 says:

    That must be so nice, to go for a walk every day. If only the government would pay me to do nothing too.

  8. IWantDemocracyNow says:

    maybe, if you take the meaning of her words and extrapolate them beyond the issue of disability. I think in this case she was very specifically referring to disability. Secondly, she only said that “your disability brings up the issues of individualism within society” not that she took a particular stance on the issue.

    I love this stuff.  Although I don’t particularly appreciate how complicated the language can become.

  9. peachydarl says:

    I would totally watch ‘Shopping with Judith Butler’. I love her jacket so much.
    Great video, really eye opening.

  10. fede2 says:

    i agree almost completely up until that last conclusion. individualism i think is crucial to that richness of difference that people like butler revindicate. the idea of everyone helping everyone as some sort of imperative above and beyond anything else is potentially destructive.

  11. molkomolkomolkomolko says:

    Wow, Sunaura is totally out doing Judith in relevance here.

  12. R6Mike88 says:

    Individualism is the most important aspect of society. When individual rights are lost, so is society.

  13. vokuvoku says:


  14. gynoid3000 says:

    Shopping with Judith Butler for the queer eye is a show I want to watch! But seriously, this is an important video.

  15. MrBrucebracey says:

    great video thanks

  16. khijasmith says:

    you have some great stuff here

  17. ubermensch826 says:

    this sounds like it belongs on a Feminist Ryan Gosling meme

  18. MrDonneiDarko says:

    they don’t have kids or will ever have kids, why should we believe they care about the future?

  19. thejuggernautbitch7 says:

    video put me right to sleep

  20. dROUFrank says:

    I really enjoyed this interview, and I love the works of Judith Butler, but I can’t help but feel she spends the whole interview restating what Sunaura says.

    That having been said, though, there’s definitely something to be said for the fact that Butler is eager to listen to and try to conceptualise the lived and expressed experiences of Sunaura, as a disabled person, within a philosophical context, rather than just pontificating to her about what her own experiences should mean.

  21. Debordsbullet says:

    It seems as if these films are less about art and more interested in conveying ideas through a form of media.

  22. sledovane says:

    i agree with you sullen boy!

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