Ms. Wheelchair: Life rolls on

She’s talented, pretty and full of hope – much like any pageant contestant and winner – but in Amber Marcy’s run for the crown, beauty was not a category. She’s Ms Wheelchair Michigan 2009 and the third runner up at the Miss Wheelchair America competition. Amber and state coordinator of the event Shelly Loose join Rachael and Terri today with their inspiring messages.
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3 Responses to “Ms. Wheelchair: Life rolls on”

  1. Jeff Holden says:

    Hi, I manufacture a product called a Cast Handle. We recently found out that most of our online sales are to paralyzed individuals.. I’m looking for “experts” like yourself to review the usefulness of our product from the perspective of a person confined to a wheelchair. I would like to send you a couple of free samples to evaluate. I even pay for the shipping. I would just like any feedback (Good or Bad) you might have. If you are interested please email me at jeff@casthandle . com

  2. racheledare58 says:

    really? i was little miss wheelchair michigan and she is so beautiful maybe not in your opinion and i respect that but if u want to critisise u break your back not be able to use your hands and skydive so whatever u cant critisize till ur a better person

  3. tributetolost says:

    She’s ugly and probably has a poop sack.

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