My Gimpy Life – Episode 2: Two Shades of Teal

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25 Responses to “My Gimpy Life – Episode 2: Two Shades of Teal”

  1. CassesVultus says:

    I just read the credits. Is her name actually Teale? Awkwardness explained.

  2. Markel1970A says:

    So is Mini-Teal a lebesian?

  3. Markel1970A says:

    Teal got Codec’s persona and Venom’s appearance so she’s cute and sweet!

  4. Markel1970A says:

    So Tink had a guest stop here as well as Codec.

  5. cupjay says:

    #go bears! (said because i keep pitching this show to wheel’d kids at Berkeley)

  6. 2arttoyguys says:

    Accurate, sexy and damn funny (not necessarily in that order)

  7. WNxAigee says:

    Great episode! Love it 🙂

  8. runnerman8 says:

    Yes, she is actually in a wheel chair. And this show actually is about real events in her “gimpy life”. Pretty cool eh?

  9. Mac Cue says:

    So? Is she actually in a wheelchair? Or is this an idea of overcoming something some people would consider a “challenge” brought to the tube?

  10. barbedwings says:

    Lol, I really loved her character in the guild, so I am not surprised this is so damn entertaining.

  11. Michael Barnes says:

    Why is it I find is so believable Ms Okuda would kill my dog if I crossed her?

  12. Sean Kirkpatrick says:

    “sometimes a bitch has to get cut…”  lol

  13. excalipoor says:

    oh shoot. i’m the guy in that group. i am that weird guy with 3 girls. T_T

  14. EmiattheDisco says:

    As if Teale is actually called Teale, and you two look alike C: awesome show!

  15. amongbeyo says:


  16. rywon678 says:

    Amy is awesome <3

  17. hspolomo18 says:

    favorite episode so far. love the Teal[e]s!!

  18. spirithound says:

    woah….both your names are actually Teal(e)!! That’s crazy :)

  19. shivissar says:

    Teal! I totally loved you in The Guild – and it’s great to see you in a new show! Keep the episodes coming!! 😀

  20. JaimeJapan says:

    Wow, I died at the “Isn’t Zack Effron already a mini Zack Effron?” part!! So great, Teal!!

  21. Kim Hodges says:

    Great series. I am blind and though its a different set of annoyances I can relate on a lot of levels, especially to the “inspirational” stuff. People act like its amazing that I don’t poop in corners.

  22. VivaToddVegas says:

    OK, that made me smile! You’ve assembled an interesting quartet of friends in this story.

  23. baresilver says:

    I love Teal and Teale! Thanks for going against popular culture and it’s constant competition…sometimes, someone we see as a rival can make the best friend.

  24. putupwiththerain says:

    Loved the episode, but why does the one character seem to be using an empty phone case the whole time?

  25. osirisgem says:

    Thank you Teal and thank you Felica day. I just rewatched “The Guild” season 3 and I loved how much I hated you Teal. Stay gay.

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