Paraplegic Walking in Leg Braces News Broadcast

Learn to walk at Get detailed work out plans, personal coaching, and connect with fellow walkers! This is a newscast about me (Michael Losee) and how a paraplegic can live life without a wheelchair. I made a website in hopes to show other paralyzed people they could learn to walk just like I do in leg braces. I personally believe there are many SCI people just like me that don’t have to be in a wheelchair if they don’t want to. This newscast originally aired in 2005 and my website can be viewed at or I have talked to a few people who I know have at least started to learn to walk in leg braces after seeing the site. I learned to walk at the Sit Tall Stand Tall Program in Provo, Utah and the site was just my effort to pass the word along that walking full time can be a reality for many SCI people. I figured if I was still in a wheelchair I would appreciate a SCI person telling me about option of walking vs a wheelchair. Most of the video I am posting on youtube is just from my old website.

9 Responses to “Paraplegic Walking in Leg Braces News Broadcast”

  1. AlexderFranke says:

    Well, leg braces with crutches and sticks can also be suitable as addition to using a wheelchair where moving with wheelchairs is difficult or impossible like stairs and steps. Many, however, are likely to find it too tiring to move without a wheelchair all the time.

  2. fivequotes says:

    very inspiring story.

  3. lovelplants says:

    he’s really strong and not live his life as if his useless.. that’s very good example.

  4. mrskerdagha says:

    Hello, I came across this video clip as I’m also a paraplegic too, of 36 years old from Malta Europe. How can I contact Michael Losee online please as I have tried getting into the two mentioned websites but I think they’re not available anymore. Therefore, I would appreciate it very much if someone can give me Michael Losee’s email address so I would be able to write him an email ASAP, thank you very much in advance everyone.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mrs. Kerdagha.

  5. hannahspaw says:

    Wow that was awesome. I have a friend who is a paraplegic. He got hurt doing a stunt for another friend of mine. He was a professional stunt guy but the stunt went horribly wrong. He may have crutches now. Last i heard he was walking with a walker. Bless his heart.

  6. talktome560 says:

    where can i buy some leg braces??? anyone know a website?

  7. shooting44mag says:

    Keep up the GOOD WORK! Im also a parapalegic & have just been using a cane since about 1999. Doctors made me legg braces but I felt that they were holding me back, wich I belive they were. My accedent happened in 5-13-98 to this day I just mostly use a cane, so yes you can do it. I balance myself on my heels, so when I walk Im basically walking on my heels, I could not use my tipies to save my life.

  8. thebones says:

    well done man, they should explain that high level paras can’t achieve this level of mobility. I used a ‘douglas brace’ with crutches from 1985-2000, I’m a t#7 level injury and eventually stopped ‘walking’, it just became too hard as I got older. Low back injuries t#12-L1 etc. find walking after spinal injury much easier than high level injuries. I have problems with my shoulders now but I’m glad I did it. There should be a cure for paraplegia but there is nothing in it for the drug companies.

  9. Reissumies says:

    Good on you mate, your situation has lot of parallels with mine.
    I had a paragliding accident 11 years ago and gave up using wheelchair 3 years later.
    Now my life is much easier but I have to make it harder at times to keep on improving.


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