Robot bed morphs into wheelchair

Developed by Panasonic, the bed is designed for people who have limited mobility and is intended to provide an extra level of independence. More videos at
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24 Responses to “Robot bed morphs into wheelchair”

  1. 127654r says:

    Great stupidity, this bed was designed by someone who has never seen disabled.
    Disabled people do not go to bed dressed. Immobile people have a greater problem undressing and dressing. How will the disabled in this bed to maintain hygiene!!!!!!

  2. bitmaster2000 says:

    I’ll drink to that, noob.

  3. projectloki says:

    that just tells me there is more pessimistic nerds online than positive ones. Congratulations on your success.

  4. bitmaster2000 says:

    I’m half empty by the way. 😉

  5. bitmaster2000 says:

    And still it’s my post up there, not yours.

  6. projectloki says:

    You must be a glass half full kind of person.

  7. LaloThePanda says:

    I don’t get why he thinks you disrespect the disabled, when you stated you are in a relationship with someone with those types of needs. Quite frankly, shouldn’t you love the disabled, not disrespect them?

  8. hottckiky says:

    it moves SO SLOWLY though…… : /

  9. moviesims183 says:

    great now obisity people can move less

  10. atimor says:

    the important fact is that we’re actually working on improving the life of disabled people. it has to start with failures and improvements though so this is a great step

  11. JosephLKnain says:

    I slightly agree with you although The requiring a headset isnt a done deal im sure you could mod it to use a nueroheadset so you dont have to say it but rather think it or simply make the microphone into the chair.

  12. nirvanaisdeshit says:

    pretty awesome thingy, needs some improvement though

  13. bitmaster2000 says:

    – Thanks for your kind reply. I must say that by now I do agree it would most likely be improved where necessary. Perhaps I stated my findings a little to harsh in my initial post and I regret taking part of the argument earlier. But I guess I get defensive a little too quickly when it comes to wheelchairs, because my girlfriend is in a wheelchair and I regularly think up ideas to improve things. I can usually tell at once if a wheelchair is designed by people who do not use one.

  14. michaeldkmv says:

    – valid points but this is a proof of concept that will continue to evolve. Over time all of your concerns CAN be addressed. I don’t think it is meant to replace all wheel chairs BUT it would be very advantageous for hospital patrons who would otherwise be at the mercy of hospital staff for any kind of mobility such as para/quadriplegics.

  15. xDontFaintx says:

    Future Newspaper Headlines:

    “Bed Rapes Owner”

  16. bitmaster2000 says:

    Like I disrespect the disabled. Don’t assume something from me if you don’t know shit about me. Jesus.

  17. Smokie181 says:

    you obviously are not disabled and can care for yourself. For a person that needs daily care or is immobile this setup is MUCH more appropriate. My aunt can care for herself but has bad osteoporosis and puts herself through pain every time she gets in and out of bed, sits and gets up etc…point is this setup would make her life a lot more pain free and ‘provide an extra level of independence’ which is the point of this bed/chair. Please have more respect for disabled persons.

  18. bitmaster2000 says:


  19. hello40 says:

    I simply dislike the way you say that (and I quote) “using a headset is JUST PLAIN STUPID”. Please, next time, say that in front of someone for whom a headset is the only way to control a little piece of his/her environment.

    And hey BTW, I help making these devices better (though not this one in particular). Enough time wasted, good luck on your “work and ideas you apply in the daily work” that I don’t know nor care about.

  20. bitmaster2000 says:

    This device is presented as if a person would be capable of using it in their own homes without any external help. That is where my original comment came from, unlike you with your nurses and patients. Speaking of criticizing, you have no damn clue about the work and ideas I apply in the daily work I do in that regard, so stop giving my comments a twist and help make this device better instead.

  21. hello40 says:

    Guess what ? For a nurse, it is much easier to adjust a headset than to carry a patient from a bed to a wheelchair.
    Anyway, I will not waste more time discussing with someone who does not acknowledge that even a small progress, a little help for nurses and disabled people is a good thing.
    Try doing or conceiving something remotely useful for others, and then I’ll resume that conversation. Criticizing is much easier than building objects that may be useful to others.

  22. bitmaster2000 says:

    Listen to what you’re saying. If the headset is for people who cannot use their hands for controls, how are they suppost to get the headset on their head properly? Other than that, what I meant was that it should be built inside the device, the monitor for example. Bye bye headset, wires and shit.

  23. hello40 says:

    Far from perfect, sure… but think about the nurses who will not have to transfer 10+ times a day patients from their beds to their wheelchairs and back. Stop thinking hospital only, but also think old people / retirement homes.
    By the way, the headset is for people (namely tetraplegic) who cannot use their hands for control.

  24. brooklyninja says:


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