Amazing Life Enhancing Technology for people who need it now. The only Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair, that can also handle SNOW, BEACHES, CITY OBSTACLES, AND INDOOR OFFICES! OFFERED IN (3) MODELS AWD – (All Wheel Drive Models) Electric Wheelchair Stair Climber offered in 3 Models: 1. Electric Wheelchair Scout’n’About Explorer XXL – Beach, Country, Snow Use. = (0:09) 2. Electric Wheelchair Cityscape Stair Climber – As Featured in video: City, Office, Indoor = (0:21) 3. Electric Wheelchair Cityscape Stair Climber with PiggyBack – 2 PERSON SEATING The Electric Wheelchair with “Synchro moving gradienter equipment” patent technology which also can be applied in the military equipments and other civil products. The “Synchro moving gradienter equipment” under the seat automatically adjusts the user’s seated body position centered to the level of the ground according to different out-door terrains (such as curb, steps, speedbumps, staircases, sidewalks, uneven country roads and fields). Feeling completely secured and balanced, enjoying terrains that would have never been possible otherwise with other wheelchair models not equipped “Synchro moving gradienter equipment technology”. Providing real independence to anyone who is legally disabled or surfer from “arthritis pains” and other well known diseases and other related conditions that can cause pain, which prevents the enjoyment of daily activities such as walking and getting out to enjoy a fresh summers day, people who
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  1. MsLollipop2NE1 says:

    can u please show me how to buy this stuff?

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