[S2] -One Love- A Justin Bieber Love Story *Chapter 4*

Hey guys. This story angle ive got is pretty shit! I actually think your gonna hate it. I agree theres away too much Drama in this series! I might as well just stop it; urgh anyway heres chapter 4. Isabella- I dont know where i was, it was all white; cloudy and really peaceful. I heard faint whispers of my name floating around me, I felt feather like touches on my hands. My eyes opened slightly, lots and lots of people in white outfits were running tests and poking me. I guessed they were doctors, I knew when I got hit by that truck… surprisingly its all so clear I was running, but that didnt make sense Im pretty much sure someone pushed me. Suddenly i could see everything in magnificent colour. Isabella: *yawning* where am i? Doc: Your in hospital sweety, you got hit by a truck and… Isabella: i know that *sharp* when can I go home. Doc: Well…um, the thing is your legs are *coughing slightly* Isabella: Well *looking expectantly* Doc: Paralysed… Isabella: *shocked* what…do…you mean? Doc: Im afraid you wont be able to use them… youll be in a wheelchair Isabella- All that was running through my mind right now was who would want me? Who would even bat an eyelash my way? My dad wouldnt want to help me; I could pretty much guarantee that. Id lost everything my Mum, My brother and now my own legs. I tried moving my leg, no response; my eyes began to water… my life was ending. Correction my life ended when my Mums did, I was but an object that carried on breathing

24 Responses to “[S2] -One Love- A Justin Bieber Love Story *Chapter 4*”

  1. jbluver4eva1234 says:

    plz make chapter 5! PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ!!!! yeah theres drama but drama is drama and-who cares if theres drama!? WE LOVE UR SERIOS AND STORIES! like if u agree!

  2. hamdiyabieber says:

    Don’t make her legs paralized

  3. hamdiyabieber says:

    Plz say this is a dream

  4. pandavida says:

    Omg PLEASE OH PLZ im begging you make chapter 5
    PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ !!!!!!

  5. opalibra says:

    This kind of made me cry a little bit. You really know how to bring the drama haha and sometimes that’s a good thing. Keep writing I would love to read more! 🙂

  6. animallover16ful says:

    GIRL u are a great writer don’t stop it wood be ur biggest mistake uve ever made n I’d disaponit your fans pls post soon

  7. VAK4ever says:

    dnt u dare stoppp

  8. pandaspaztic says:

    okay..plz dont stop…PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ! i think sumthin shud happen and she shud walk again…..yeah!

  9. xchloeJBx says:


  10. TheBieberfeveralways says:

    ok im gonna finish reading the story after you finish but OMG THIS DEPRESSING! i am so glad this isnt a true story…….this isnt a true story right?

  11. LovelyXpurple4 says:

    MORE MORE MORE pleaseeee

  12. Isabella50983 says:

    cute:) Awwwwwwwwwwwww

  13. redonculouisnjlvr96 says:

    EPIC!! LOVED IT!! 😀

  14. justinbisMyWorld says:

    dont end it i am addicted t it

  15. 5brodie says:

    dont end thisi love it <3

  16. TheCutieruthie says:

    plzz go check out!!
    sorryloveable stories plzz!!
    she needs more subers and she iz awsome!!
    TheCutieruthie 1 second ago

  17. ScarlettLovesYoux says:

    Aww sadness 🙁

  18. LittleLibbi says:

    Poor Bella : (
    Hope she will be okay : ) Loved it!

  19. CharlieBaybeeX says:

    Poor Bella 🙁

  20. xXxXxXxchancexXxXxXx says:

    I loveeeee it lolz <3

  21. awesomelyawesome77 says:


  22. animallover16ful says:

    I luv this chapter don’t stop it I luv dama u should mak her die tht wood be sick

  23. cailybear says:

    noooo i love this story soo much dont end it please trust me we LOVE drama please dont end it (if this is the series u were talkin about)

  24. Smr4ever15 says:

    :O shocking

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