Think! A wheelchair user’s daily struggle

Think! is a disability awareness feature that highlights some of the problems wheelchair users face every day of their lives and how just a little bit of thought can make their lives so much easier. Starring: Rosemarie Bruin VO: Glyn Spate Camera: Gary Spate Music: Whippersnapper
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Think! A wheelchair user’s daily struggle”

  1. TrueBlueCanuck says:

    @LordPipweed i was going to give you the fuck up you deserve,but worthless pieces of shit like you are not even worth it

  2. TrueBlueCanuck says:

    i guess being in a wheelchair does have some struggles,but who doesn’t have struggles?

  3. ThePurplecdcase says:

    @LordPipweed I am so sorry for you. I think you need to sit back and see what your weaknesses are. I found at least 3 just reading this conversation you are having.

  4. dotmacis says:

    @LordPipweed You don’t know that you or your family wouldn’t become disabled. What if you (or someone you love) becomes paralyzed due to being hit by a drunk driver or some other accident?? There’s always a chance of something like that happening but you’re so close-minded, you’ll never understand that.

  5. dotmacis says:

    @LordPipweed I don’t know what planet you’re from, but on THIS planet yes … you can become disabled. What if you’re in a car and suddenly your car is hit by a drunk driver?? Even decent humans can become disabled. And eventually, you’ll become a senior citizen. Many seniors eventually need the help of walkers or wheelchairs to get around. You really need a MAJOR reality check.

  6. LordPipweed says:

    @dotmacis but u dont just suddenly “become” disabled. u are either born like that or ur normal. and those people who start off normal then get a disability are born weak, so they end up becoming disabled through illness or some shit. either way, normal people dont just become disabled. only people who are already losers on the down can become disabled. like worthless people. me and my family would never become disabled, we are decent humans. not faggots or retards or deformed

  7. dotmacis says:

    @LordPipweed No … it’s your attitude that’s worthless. Don’t forget that a person with a disability is someone’s family member or close friend. I don’t know if you still have your parents or not, but what if one of them were to suddenly become disabled?? Would they suddenly become worthless to you?? Would you suddenly become worthless to someone else, if you had a stroke or heart condition?? Somehow I don’t think so.

  8. LordPipweed says:

    @dotmacis yeh most of their brains dont function properly, and even if they do it doesnt matter because they are still less important because of their disabilties. i dont understand how we can employ people with no legs or no arms. they are completely useless aswell as looking disgusting. i know i cant decide whether they live or die but i think it would be better if people who are too badly disabled should just be told in a polite way that they cant go on cos honestly, they are worthless.

  9. dotmacis says:

    @LordPipweed Uhh … blindness or paralysis doesn’t mean their brains don’t work!! Your ignorant attitude is absolutely despicable and disgusting. And yes, you COULD become disabled!!!! You could be in a serious car accident, or have a stroke. And you are NOT God, so you don’t have the right to decide whether a person lives or dies. You really need to grow up, and learn a little about empathy and understanding.

  10. LordPipweed says:

    @dotmacis how can they work for a living? half of them cant walk, someb cant see, some have no arms. they are just fucking stupid. and no i could never become disabled. they are just born like that, they disgrace mankind seriously, why are disabled people given special treatment, they should just be put down

  11. dotmacis says:

    @LordPipweed Uhhh … many people in wheelchairs actually do work for a living. Not everyone’s unable to work.  You could join the disability minority at any time, by accident or disease. Please keep that in mind.

  12. LordPipweed says:

    pfff hahaha who even cares about them anyway, they are just a burden on societ. i just like to point and laugh at them

  13. blobby1972 says:

    @turningpointtelly NOT REALY THE POINT IS ABOUT INGNORENCE .:)

  14. FlyinHyy says:

    @charmedcripchic I use a chair. that cracked curb was higher and was a narrow slot to pop up and fit ur chair in you have to be able to open the door once ur up there!!!

  15. NicolaWyrd says:

    @pluto4847 I wouldn’t worry. I’m sure u will heal. As for the other things you said don’t worry about what people think. if they judge you then they don’t deserve ur concern. But honestly people’s behaviour usually comes from good intentions believe it or not. People ignore u sometimes because they are afraid of insulting u by u thinking they r staring. They are so scared of treating u differently that they try to avoid contact to be safe. so trust me it’s well meaning. but i’m sure u will heal

  16. pluto4847 says:

    I hope I use the right terminolgy, but last Monday I just joined the ranks of the disabled.
    I suffered a very bad fall and hurt my left leg very badly.
    It got me thinking how bad it is for someone who cannot walk, and I noticed that people now treat me differently because I can’t walk.
    People can be so insensitive and complacent. Because they can move around does not mean I do not exist.
    I am supposed to heal, but its up to the doctor. I am scared. Do you have any advice?

  17. rolyheihei says:

    @charmedcripchic chill Winston! otherwise carry on being a victim.

  18. rolyheihei says:

    @Emelsu1993 me too (about the obstacles), usually it’s my own kids bikes or the bloody vacuum cleaner. T12 para

  19. Okalani5000 says:

    You didn’t film the part where she was getting out the door!?! That’s a STRUGGLE! I hate going through manual doors with my wheelchair. A bike? A bike is removable, you can stand it up. Try getting past a truck! FYI to drivers: Stop parking with your pick-ups and vans on the sidewalk! Us handicap people – with or without wheelchair.

  20. turningpointtelly says:

    @charmedcripchic How can you say it’s misguided and stupid? I think you’re missing the whole point of the video.

  21. leglessinoz says:

    @charmedcripchic I think doing these videos is better than none at all as it least gives people some idea though not all and no video is likely to show every problem from every disabled person’s point of view. Certainly things are more difficult for me now than when I was first injured (and much younger, stronger and more likely to take a risk).

  22. leglessinoz says:

    @charmedcripchic I admit it looked a bit that way to me too but it might not have been the step in front of the store alone but the combination of having to get up the step and then try to reach the door handle and pull the door open as well as dealing with the step. I didn’t pay too much attention to the height of the door handle when then other person opened it but that may have been the issue not the step. She could have asked for someone to hold the door. I have done numerous times.

  23. charmedcripchic says:

    Dumb! You’re giving mixed messages by having the woman curb jumb one minute then turn away a go home for the same size obstacle.

  24. charmedcripchic says:

    THE CREATORS NEED TO THINK ! you lost your point when the woman curb jumps while crossing the street but dosen’t jump a shorter step at the store. And how bout all of the folks in power chairs and having other isses and can’t climb ANY curbs or move bikes and bins!.
    Misguided and really STUPID
    No film is better than this
    A 12 Thumbs DOWN

  25. NicolaWyrd says:

    oh my god this is all so true. how incosiderate people can be. i have these things happen to me all the time. It’s so frustrating

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