Dorm Life Episode 221 – Blood, Sweat, and Tears

In this episode of Dorm Life, Courtney hosts a blood drive on the floor, with some help from BFF Brittney, which features the premiere of Josh’s new documentary. http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Dorm Life Episode 221 – Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

  1. Carolline Doglio says:

    Am I the only one the noticed that almost all the time Shane is barefoot?

  2. ole78aol says:

    mean steph is hilarious

  3. Forummaster2 says:

    (yay replying to two month old comment!)(
    What makes you say that?

  4. Joshua Sum says:

    In the end I kinda felt bad for Josh…

  5. MrKamojo12 says:

    I think josh is autistic

  6. Sokka2Me says:

    And now Josh has finally lost me

  7. TripleZ89 says:

    Actually it sounds like you understand him all to well and don’t even know it. 😉

  8. hiddenstar23 says:

    Whoricane! Tornaho, Screwnami! – Horrible yet steph and courtney’s delivery made me crack up!

  9. Erick Singer says:

    Poor Andy…

  10. failingpoet says:

    I like how Erin (Mike’s hookup from earlier) is working the blood drive XD

  11. flamingo1012 says:

    marshall at 5:05 omg

  12. tuber33 says:

    I’ve watched all episodes and extras. I get the story, I’m talking about the actress. Chill out, it’s called an opinion.

  13. 22mabb says:

    I wonder why Josh is always sweaty? haha!

  14. Andi Rodgins says:

    Like a whoriccane. Or a tornadho.
    A screwnami?

  15. meadowzmobb08 says:

    i love this short show

  16. SofiaWINS says:

    i think courtney was glee’s inspiration for britney

  17. techdragon0 says:

    As a student studying film, I must say never before has a film captured the essence of a generation… no a species.From his analysis of the human condition to the very creation of this dramatic tale, Josh has done what over two millennial of poets writers and film makers have failed to do. His film deserves to be preserved so that future generations may never forget that piece of the human spirit that Josh has managed to remind us of.

  18. Terinka14 says:

    tornadhoe 😀 whorricane 😀 I wish I had hair like Courtney does so that I could have those cute narrowing pigtails 🙂

  19. SimpliiSweet4 says:

    uuummm, the video?!?!? JOSH!!! WHAT??? hahahaha, I laughed HYSTERICALLY because the video made NO sense! except all the scenes of Brit and Mike. and space.

  20. SimpliiSweet4 says:

    It’s funny that during Josh’s performances/screenings, some guy has a crazy girlfriend. Last time it was Mike this time, look in the back of the room at 07:13

  21. DramatizedRockerGurl says:

    tornad-ho and whore-icane – love the new steph
    this is actually my favorite episode thus far hahaha

  22. ivybeenz says:

    Josh’s documentary is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

  23. cswalk08 says:

    poor andy

  24. annikee59 says:

    So much better than what’s on TV.

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