Wheel chair love, Maputo, Mozambique @ Coconuts

A magic moment in the life of music
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Wheel chair love, Maputo, Mozambique @ Coconuts”

  1. kaysha2201 says:

    @LadyL002 thank you. Next time is in february. Check kaysha.com for updates

  2. LadyL002 says:

    Love you kaysha, u are truly an artist of spirit!! Love from NYC, can’t wait for you to come visit again 😀

  3. NextLvlProductions says:

    Song name ?

  4. yasonda says:

    Fiona!!!! i love that song ! remember i was 15 y.o oh Gosh kay

  5. yasonda says:

    ummmmm Gorgeous!

  6. miamibabii77 says:

    awwwwwwwwwww : )

  7. sandra60110 says:

    La musique franchit toute les barrieres !!!!

  8. KasYo4u says:

    c’est quoi le titre de la chanson s’il vous plaît =)

  9. MzR3dD6 says:

    @kaysha2201 ur welcome

  10. kaysha2201 says:

    @MzR3dD6 thank u

  11. MzR3dD6 says:

    that was so sweet i cant understand what he saying but frm the vibe its a love song and he so so sweet for this aww brought tears to my eyes

  12. Sacundjimba says:

    yeh man, great gest, God bless u… I’m ur fan from Angola … Sacu-Sacu

  13. mayottemoussa says:


  14. mayottemoussa says:

    slt je bien c ete musc trop bein
    ty peu envoi de zouk
    merci sa ger

  15. youzarsif1 says:

    pouvez vous me dire le titre de cette chanson

  16. yokatah says:

    super, et génial pour elle =) t’as assuré !

  17. laitcaramel says:

    that was nice

  18. yuart1994 says:

    thats cool dude nice that you pick out those girls 2 you own

  19. claudiinhaCriola says:

    olaaa quierO saber como es el nombre desta cancion por favor…. kaysha i love u

  20. Dubzman225 says:

    c’est du lourd ce qu’a ta fait keysha big respect,c’est un beau cadeau pour elle .

  21. miamibabii77 says:

    aww that was sweet

  22. kaysha2201 says:

    Ce dimanche au 33 lounge

  23. raquelita890 says:

    Quand est ce ke tu viendras a boston !!!! on t’adore kaysha. west indies represent!!!!

  24. SkavenVideo says:

    Total respect !

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