Paraplegic Instr #1: How to Climb Stairs in a Wheelchair

This video shows my instruction of the Railing Side Wheel Control method of climbing up and down stairs in a wheelchair to a newly injured patient at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. To see more methods goto:
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25 Responses to “Paraplegic Instr #1: How to Climb Stairs in a Wheelchair”

  1. ArcaneDragonX says:

    Does this method make you tired? I’m imagining it to be a little stressful.

  2. Hashashin80 says:

    I’d like to know ypour injure level and asia, thanx

  3. silvertip185 says:

    Hey Erik, I did it tonight in a cafe. I got up the steps but go stuck on the top as the railing ran out. My GF grabbed the back of my chair as I did the rest and we made it to the top. I got home and watched your vid again about what to do at the top. I have to practice that. It’s been almost a year and I’ve never given up. Getting there.

    Thanks so much for the great video!

  4. ThumpingSteve says:

    id love to be able to do this, im terrible at steps.

  5. supersquirrel911 says:

    I have such a serious fear of falling backwards, I don’t think I could pull this off….I’ll stick with going up and down stairs on my bottom like I have for years lol

    Kudos to you though!!!

  6. banjohombre says:

    Damn cool!

    Can you do 12 steps without stopping to rest?

    That is REALLY hauling iron.

  7. silvertip185 says:

    With your help and some practice, I’ve finally got the first step. Working on balancing while I’m there and coming down. I want to know I can come down a step before I go to the top. I’ve been crashing and burning but making progress. It’s coming 🙂

  8. MikalinaJ says:

    This instructor is a great man… I wish we could have that here :) Keep on Buddy!

  9. AveIvy says:

    NotMe1357, when are you going to do trainings on this useful technique? You should come to each city and I’m sure no one would be opposed to paying a reasonable fee. Good Luck!

  10. wheelz23 says:

    this fkn guy is king of the paras 🙂 im a t-5 luvin leg would spaz and id be fked lol already broke bones n shit but hey…. sweet man

  11. Ryan4twenty says:

    wow Im a t-6 complete and this is a good technique  In want to learn

  12. wikki11 says:

    ups, I like to know what you doing with the left arm, not with the right =)

  13. wikki11 says:

    Erik, could you write me what you do with the right arm? I can´t unterstand english so well (I´m a german)… I hope it´s ok…

    thanks a lot!

  14. 292Tigger says:

    I agree with you 100%!! This video made me try everything in my chair!

    Good luck. I’m also from England!

  15. Brainyish says:

    This is great! I wish there was a video to show someone wheeling someone down, but I think some of these techniques can help with that too! Fabulous.

  16. talktome560 says:

    yo just get a crib with a ramp or an elevator fuck all that dumb shit…what about when he comes home on the late night drunk wit a bitch?

  17. ValentinaRocks1 says:

    i am in a power wheel chair

  18. juicylucy9685236 says:

    very nice demo!

  19. impster652 says:

    At last, someone showing something useful for wheelchair users. Im from England and our ‘rehab’ units are almost non-existant. They certainly wouldnt show you anything like this.
    I was told NEVER to use stairs or esculators so i went straight out and gave the esculators a go with 100% success and confidence both up and down. Stairs are a different matter altogether, well, that was until i saw your video.
    Now im off out to give it a go, keep up the invaluble work.

  20. Krystie123 says:

    hmmm, nice technique, but if your balance is shot, you can’t pull it of – so that’s crap for me

  21. daveroller says:

    Great explanation of what you’re doing and why, Erik. Best video I’ve seen that shows how to climb stairs. Hats off to you for figuring out the technique.

  22. NotMe1357 says:

    The importance thing is to be able to “pop a wheelie” easily without too much angle. Then you are able remain fairly vertical on the steps.

  23. GKIllini says:

    How much COG do you have in your chair? What is the distance from the post for your backrest to your rear wheel axle? Does it matter?

  24. basgetz says:

    amazing, gonna try that soon!

  25. NotMe1357 says:

    Correct, a seat belt is not needed for this technique. Where did you do your rehab?

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